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Young People's Events 2023

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Cumbria Methodist District Youth Work

Visit of the Youth President

In August 2023 we held our first ever District youth event at Appleby Methodist Church. We were privileged to not only have the then Youth President James Carver come to visit us, but he brought along the next Youth President, Tom Hart.

We had 10 young people attend, many of whom came to 3Generate, which gave them the opportunity to drill the Youth Presidents in what to expect from 3Gen.

We then got to make tie dye shirts while the young people got to know each other ahead of going to 3Generate. We are hoping that this event is the first of many District youth events.

3Generate 2023

In October the District took 16 young people from across Cumbria from various backgrounds and in different places on their faith journey to 3Generate, the Methodist Children and Youth Assembly.

The group travelled in two groups, one from the north via minibus, and the south group travelled via train. Both groups were tracking and messaging each other but the south group arrived first to find and set up camp for the weekend. On arrival we were welcomed with street food, and we got to walk around the venue to see where everything was, and the group got to know each other.

After not much sleep, we went for breakfast and the young people started to plan what venues and events they wanted to do. Open mic sessions were on offer and some of our talented young people stepped up and performed, cheered on by the rest of the group.

Our young people loved exploring the different venues on offer and spending time with the next youth president candidates, especially as one was from Cumbria. Meanwhile, The Well offered a space for the youth leaders to take a little time out and come together for support, worship, and workshops. There was also free coffee in free travel mugs!

3Generate was a unique space for our young people to develop their faith and to have their voices heard for what they want the Church and society to be like. They were invited to listen to God, each other and the world, while being supported to discern what they hear from God. They were encouraged to take action, both at the event and when they return home, on their own, with their peers and with the help of adults.

I felt 3Generate was so inspiring on so many different levels. The group we had were a dream to have with us and it was a privilege to see so many of them learning about God in so many ways.

If you would like to hear more about 3Generate or about Youth Events across the District, please email Su Davis at

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