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Local Lay-Pastors

As a District we welcome the Methodist Conference (2021) decision to develop the office of Local Lay-Pastor. A team are working on the training provision and advocacy of the role with a vision for deployment of Local Lay-Pastors within our Circuits and Mission Communities from September 2022. It is envisaged that the pattern of training will take the following form:

  • Core training. This will be standard for all Local Lay-Pastors and will be set by the Connexional Team. A record of the completion of this training will be held by the Team and once completed it will be transferable if Local Lay-Pastors move to and serve in other Circuits.
  • Initial training. This will be an agreed programme of training, taking into account the needs and context of the individuals Circuit. It will also be tailored to their specific role. Depending on requirements this may take place within the Circuit or elsewhere in the District or Region, and may be face to face or online.
  • Continuing Development. This training, which all Local Lay-Pastors will be expected to engage with will be facilitated by their Circuit and the Learning Network.

It is hoped that there is an ecumenical dimension to the delivery of both the initial training and continuing development elements. We will be working to the Conference timescale to get the training and processes in place for 2022, with a requirement for them to complete their core training by 2025 if they wish to continue in office.

Members in the District are invited to get in touch if they would like further details or to request someone to speak to members of their Circuit about this exciting initiative. Though please do speak to your Minister in the first instance.

A full report on the office of Local Lay-Pastor can be found under section 4 of the Methodist Conference Changing Patterns of Ministry Report (Conference Agenda page 299).You can access this report through this link:

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