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MWiB District Spring Day

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Our Spring Day at Levens on 22 March was a really good day. Levens Methodist church has been refurbished and is a lovely building with all modern conveniences.

We learnt a lot about climate change and also had good worship and fellowship. It was good to meet up with friends old and new from other circuits. It is always interesting to know what other circuits are doing and if not much is happening in your circuit at the moment then come along to district events and meet other Methodist Women.

The day started with a bit of admin, telling us what was happening over the next year, presenting accounts etc and then worship.

Then Dori Henderson, who is an Anglican member of the East of Eden Mission Community, spoke about climate change with a lot of good slides. She explained what is happening and about temperatures rising and some of the reasons for this and about globally what governments are doing about it.

But for me the most interesting part was what can we do about it and about living sustainably.

'Think globally, act locally' was a phrase used a lot ie think about the world but do things locally to help eg reduce food waste, avoid palm oil, eat less meat, buy less stuff, use charity shops, responsible travel, plant a tree, reducing plastic etc etc.

One thing I learnt a lot about was recycling, I didn't know we could recycle as much as we can eg Did you know that someone is making crisp packets into blankets for the homeless?

We then had a break for lunch, we all had a packed lunch but drinks and biscuits (chocolate of course) were available or there was a shop close by if you hadn't brought enough to eat!

There was time to visit the bookstall or have some fresh air – it was a beautiful day.

I spent most of the time chatting to people from other circuits, catching up with old friends and making new ones.

After lunch we broke into small groups and had a discussion answering 4 questions

  • How can we encourage a shift from 'what we want' to 'what we need'
  • Discussion on how we can make a difference with some suggestions.
  • What does 'think globally, act locally' mean for us in practice.
  • Have we taken Genesis 1:26-28 too literally? 'Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over ....... every living creature'

Our group never got past question 1!

Then there was some feedback following by worship.

Then more drinks and this time not biscuits BUT ....wait for it ..... big chunks of CAKE!!!And more chatting to people of course.

A good day, a day out to relax and forget the work and things to do back home.

Do come and join us at our next meeting -
Afternoon meal and talks Wed June 15th at Sedbergh Methodist Church
Residential at Thornleigh 14-16 November 2022

More information to come on both these events.

Kathleen Williamson

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