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  Rev Dr James Tebbutt, 

 Chair of District

Rev Dr James Tebbutt, Chair of District

 Easter 2020 : Reflections

  Dear FriendsEaster Hope

  The long journey through Lent
  and Holy Week to Easter has
  this year been overshadowed,
  devastated, by the coronavirus
  pandemic. Not since 1918-19,
  when Spanish Flu wrought
  havoc in a war-weakened world to claim 40 million lives,
  have we experienced something like the present pandemic
  in such a widespread way. 



 Latest news on the coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus Covid-19

The Way Spring 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic means that the Spring/Easter edition of The Way cannot be printed and distributed around the county as would normally happen. However an online PDF version has been produced and is available to read and download here.... 


Rev Ruth Gee, Rev Dr James Tebbutt & the Rev Lord Leslie Griffiths


We welcomed our  Chair, Rev Dr James Tebbutt, in September, seen here after the Welcome Service with Rev Ruth Gee, who led the service, and the Rev Lord Leslie Griffiths, who preached. Read more here...

God in Love Unites us 

God in Love Unites Us Additional Study Guide

The Cumbria District has been encouraging conversations within circuits about the 2019 Methodist Conference Report ‘God in Love Unites us’ concerning marriage and relationships, and the provisional resolutions contained within that report which will be voted on at the April District Synod, and ultimately at the 2020 Methodist Conference. To support the independently facilitated forums within circuits, and more generally for members of congregations, resources are available to help reflection and conversation here....  (where the Report itself and a Connexional Study Guide can be found). The Cumbria District Being Inclusive Group also prepared an Additional Study Guide, to offer some reflections and alternate views regarding some of the relevant biblical material, in order to help us understand what may be our own or others’ views more clearly, in a spirit of seeking understanding. The guide can be found here....




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