Think, Speak, Act

Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) Conference – Birmingham, February 2 2013


Link to Think, Speak, Act JPIT Conference video 

This was the second conference organised by the Joint Public Issues Team, ‘joint’ because it is a collaborative effort between the Baptist, URC and Methodist Churches. The first Conference was two years ago.

Dr Giles Fraser was the Keynote speaker. He was Canon Chancellor of St Paul’s until he resigned during the Occupy protest following a disagreement with colleagues about how to handle the demonstration. The Occupy movement flourished as a protest against Banks, particularly their investment arms, whose culture has not visibly changed since they caused the financial crash of 2007-08. This type of banker is not characterised by the usually pleasant staff at your local branch but by Harry Enfield’s ‘Loads of Money’ character of the last boom and bust in the 1990s.

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