Synod November 2013

Saturday 16 November 9.30am coffee | 10am start

This was a special morning-only Synod to consider the future of our Growing 
Together journey.
Our Chair of District, Richard Teal, preached at the opening worship. You can read 
his sermon here....
The final amended special resolution re Growing Together is shown below and was 
accepted by a
large majority. It's available to download here.....


Resolution to Representative District Synod
Meeting on 16 November 2013


Synod welcomes the strategies for ministry, outreach and buildings as set
out in the Growing Together document, as an important contribution to our
vision of
working ecumenically.


Synod requests Circuits, in dialogue with ecumenical partners, to explore the
local implications of the strategies including the shape of possible Mission
Communities, and to report back on this exploration within this connexional
year to the District Policy Group, through the District Chair and Synod


Synod agrees that all further proposals for implementation at District level will
be sent back to Circuits for further consultation before they are presented to

Supporting documents:

 Welcome Letter               


 Directions to get there

 Growing Together Cumbria Summary

 Responses to Growing Together

 Positive Ecumenical Experiences

 Questions and concerns

 URC and Anglican Resolutions