Creating Safer Space

Safeguarding within the Methodist Church

Safeguarding training has been taking place throughout the Methodist Church to make sure we are able to create Christian communities of love and care, where good practice becomes a way of life. See more about safeguarding within the Methodist Church here


Why should I attend the Methodist Church safeguarding training when I have done some elsewhere?

This question has been asked on a number of occasions. The question is usually asked because someone has received safeguarding training in another part of their life. The answer (also found as a footnote to the guidance about who attends, approved by the Methodist Conference in 2010) is threefold.


1. The context for this training is the Methodist Church. Other training does not have that focus. In particular, the church is a unique environment for safeguarding in that people who pose a possible risk to children or vulnerable adults, and even people who have previously harmed children or vulnerable adults, are welcome into the church community albeit under careful scrutiny and support. This does not happen in other settings and so the training for those settings does not address this.


2. People who have received other training- even people who are seen as safeguarding experts - can always benefit from further training. The Connexional Safeguarding Officer affirmed ’I attended the previous Module A training in my capacity as local preacher and volunteer, even although in my professional life I have written many safeguarding training courses’.


3. As the Methodist family, people seek to support each other. This training can be difficult for people who are new to the concepts around safeguarding - especially the sad fact that the church can be a place of risk as well as sanctuary. The support provided by those who have some understanding of the issues, can be invaluable.


The course was prepared to run as a module of no longer than 2.5 hours. We are sensitive to the busy lives many have but we hope we would always want to do all we can to create safe spaces for children or adults who are vulnerable and especially within a church setting.

Graham Kay : Cumbria District Safeguarding Officer

email:  |  tel: 07704 037011