Pray for Argentina

One aspect of our partnership with Methodists in Argentina which transcends any issues of distance and language is that of prayer - over the years, concerns have been shared, and prayers offered. The Methodist Church in Argentina sends ‘Notices’  to us, and below we have a ‘prayer diary’ for these summer months.  We encourage you to join with us in sharing with our sisters and brothers in Argentina - and we are thankful for the opportunity we have to do this.

You can download the current Pray for Argentina Noticia (news) from here....

From Argentina:

Friday, 1 August 2014

Prayers shared with sister churches in Cumbria, Great Britain

For more than a decade the former Patagonia district has had a close link with the sister churches in the Cumbria district in Great Britain.


This link has been strengthened by the visit of leaders and young people from Cumbria who have participated in regional camps for teenagers and young adults, as well as in some visits to local congregations.

It is important to highlight also that some young people were given a warm welcome in the Cumbria district when they travelled to England for personal or family reasons.

It continues to be an important part of our task, in the new arrangement of districts, to keep on cultivating this link, through personal and communal prayer and opportunities for young people of our churches to meet in activities where they share, exchange thoughts and experience spiritual growth.

We pray every day for the continuing strengthening of fraternal ties and making possible meetings which are so enriching, such as those which up to now we have experienced.

The sister churches of the Cumbria district in Great Britain share the following prayer requests:

We give thanks for the work of the Lowe Institute and its two residential facilities in Buenos Aires.  Remember the situation of the vulnerable children in a state of poverty, threatened by exploitation and abuse.  Pray also for vulnerable boys and girls in Great Britain, also threatened by abuse, exploitation and poverty.

We pray for Pastor Natalia Barrios, in region 3 (Patagonia) of the Argentine Methodist Church recently confirmed as a candidate for the full-time ministry, also for Rebecca Ingrouille who came from this circuit, ordained at conference this summer.  May their ministries and their families share in the blessing of the Lord in whose service they seek to work and to serve his people both inside and outside the church.

We give thanks for the commitment of Argentine Methodists of all ages to the cause of human rights and justice both in the national life of their country and in alliance with Methodists worldwide.  Pray for the guidance of the Spirit that we will be enabled also to seek justice for all at home and in the whole world.