GROWING TOGETHERAdvent Service 27 November 2016

Four churches working as one for God's kingdom in Cumbria

Service of Hope and Expectation for Advent : Sunday 27 November at 3pm

You’re warmly invited to a Service of Hope and Expectation for Advent at Carlisle Cathedral on Advent Sunday, 27 November at 3pm. On Advent Sunday 2011 the leaders of three denominations in Cumbria signed a Declaration of Intent to work increasingly closely together. 5 years on, the leader of the Salvation Army in Cumbria will join those of the Church of England, Methodist and United Reformed churches to sign a Declaration of Covenant Partnership during this Cathedral service. Once again, the leaders of other denominations in Cumbria will sign a Letter of Companionship.

Three churches journeying as one for God's kingdom in Cumbria

Logos of Methodist Church, United Reformed Church and Carlisle Diocese of Church of England

Since the signing of the Ecumenical County of Cumbria Declaration of Intent at Ambleside Parish Centre in November 2011, much work has taken place to further the commitments we made to work together in mission and ministry and to develop strategies that optimise the use of our church buildings for the benefit of the communities we serve.


We commend for discussion the Growing Together strategy documents dowloadable here. Our three Synods will make decisions in the autumn about the recommendations contained within the strategies for ministry, for outreach and for church buildings.


We encourage Christian people and churches within our county to discuss these documents widely. It is important that they are considered by church and circuit meetings, by deanery and pastorate groupings and by synods and committees. These groups will naturally have lots of practical questions about the implications of the recommendations. We also recommend that you look for opportunities to read the documents too in discussion groups, with other churches that neighbour yours and within local churches together groups.


The recommendations are exciting and, if accepted by the three Synods, will place the county of Cumbria even more at the forefront of thinking and action about the future of Christ’s people in our country than we are already. All of this is an attempt


“to help all people in Cumbria, of all ages and backgrounds, discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives; so that they will discover more of Jesus and the Good News and become followers of Jesus within a Christian community”

                                                                                      [from the Outreach Strategy]


We wholeheartedly look forward to exploring these recommendations further with you over the coming months.



Rt Rev. James Newcome            Rev. Richard Teal                    Rev. Sarah Moore

Anglican Bishop of Carlisle        Methodist Chair of Cumbria      United Reformed Church

                                                                                                 Cumbria Area President