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God for All : A vision for Cumbria


How does God for All relate to  growing disciples?


God for All is about growing disciples and growing as disciples

Since the beginning the Methodist Church has been a movement for Mission. To be a movement for Mission we are called to help others become disciples of Christ and we also have to continually grow as disciple just as the disciples that were with Jesus grew in their faith and Mission. The early Methodists did this by talking, praying and planning together in those early classes and societies and today we do this in our worship, study and especially in our reaching out to others in faith. John Wesley stated many times this fact that “All people” can and must be brought into the knowledge and acceptance of Christ as their Lord and Saviour and to this end we have

     Wesley’s  “4 ALLs”      1. All need to be saved

                                                     2. All can be saved

                                                                 3. All can know they are saved

                                                                             4. All can be saved to the uttermost


Today we are called to make this a reality in our communities and in society as a whole and the ways in which we can do this is to develop new models of ministry to address the future and to create a new strategy for outreach for those who are not currently involved with the church. To support this we need to think about how we can reach out to those who have no knowledge of God, to look at ways in which we can all fulfil our individual ministry and how we can best use the resources we have in terms of our people, our buildings and our money.

God for All brings one unified and interrelated strategy with a single objective to make and grow disciples, namely that:

by 2020 every person in Cumbria of all ages and backgrounds will have had an opportunity to discover more of God and God’s purpose for their lives, so that they will discover more of Jesus and the Good News and become followers of Jesus within a Christian community.

The launch of God for All marks the transition from a phase of talking-about-it into the phase of getting-on-with-it.

God for All is about growing together

We share a commitment to ‘growing disciples’ with the Diocese of Carlisle and the United Reformed Church in Cumbria each in our distinct and related ways and this is outlined in our visions documents.

The shift to the God for All label makes clear that this shared purpose and strategy is not something that ‘belongs’ to one denomination with others joining in – it is equally owned, shared, supported and developed.

Within God for All, growing disciples and growing together are at the heart of what is happening.

God for All is about clarity

Our growing disciples and growing as disciples are phrases that works well within the church. For those outside the life of the church this has less clarity or meaning. God for All is simple and understandable – it reminds ‘us’ (within the church) of the size of God’s love and purposes, and speaks plainly to those outside the church of what we are about. It makes clear that God and God’s Church is for everyone. 

“All need to be, all can be, all can know and know to the uttermost that they are loved by God and that love saves us from our sin”  Let us make this message a reality today in our lifetimes.

God For All leaflet June 2015

Download a leaflet about God for All here....

For a fuller explanation of the links between God for All and our growing disciples please visit the God for All website and each of our denominational websites. If you do not have a computer get along to one of the Digital Inclusion Project sessions when it comes to your area and someone will help you visit these sites.

9 May 2015