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God for All : A vision for Cumbria


God for All represents our confident ecumenical vision for the coming of God's Kingdom in Cumbria as everyone, residents and visitors alike, discover more of God's love for them and God's purpose for their lives.


God for All involves an ongoing concerted attempt to get out among people with the Gospel (expressed in word and deed) rather than just wringing our hands and regretting the fact they're not coming to us

God for All is our determined response to a pattern of declining congregations and reducing numbers of stipendiary clergy and ministers which has been going on for more than a century
We are committed to developing a Christian Church in Cumbria which is not only sustainable but also capable of sustained growth.

God for All expresses our biblical concern to be united in mission - so that the world may believe. Cumbria is the first Ecumenical CountyGod for All demonstrates our shared commitment to growing as followers of Jesus and helping others to grow as well

The latest Report is now available. Download the Big Discussion here as PDF or here as a Word document.