Did you know?

  • Over 19,000 households in Cumbria have an annual income of less than £10,000
  • 41,000 households are in fuel poverty
  • Over 36,000 people in Cumbria are eligible for out of work benefits
  • 15,000 children aged under 16 are living in poverty in Cumbria


Poverty is one of the major issues being tackled across the County at present and is on our Public Issues agenda - as it should be on every Church Council agenda. Poverty is not just a question of inadequate income.  Poverty is a cultural issue involving loss of hope, aspiration, ambition and self-respect.  The Christian Gospel embraces all these issues.

What are we doing?   Some are already involved in:

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Provision of low cost premises for community needs
  • Watching out and caring for vulnerable people in our communities
  • Food Bank contributions
  • Furniture recycling