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Coronavirus Covid-19

The sudden, extensive, and never really expected disruption of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected and constrained us all, reminding that our lives and usual assumptions are more precarious than we care to recognise.  The crisis can reveal the worst in each of us (the selfish panic buy), but also the best, as recent divisions pale in a shared concern to take care for and of one another.  Not least, we deeply appreciate those who are doing their best for us. 

In it all, faith again finds its place, that trust in the God who loves all, who is at the bedside of the one struggling to breath; who weeps when we weep; who knows our fear and our frustration; who holds us all, longing for us to come through and to flourish, more kindly, more lovingly, more fairly, more united, than we were before. 

Thank you for all the adjustments you have been making, suspending worship, fellowship and meetings, as we try responsibly to follow Government advice.  Thank you for all the ways that you are seeking to care still for one another and your neighbours, and to offer opportunity for prayer and devotion, as we seek to draw and share goodness from the God whose love and life underpins all hope. 

There are various links or resources that may be helpful.  I know that collectively we pray for all who are vulnerable, ill, or fearful, of the virus or its impact on their livelihoods; we pray for those who seek to find solutions, and for those giving of and sometimes endangering themselves in their care for others; and we pray for those who, critical as the situation in our own country may be, live in countries and communities where resources are fewer than in our own.  May God be with us all.

Rev Dr James Tebbutt, Chair of District


Revd Dr James Tebbutt

Chair of the Cumbria District of the Methodist Church 

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