Argentina Link

Logo of Methodist Church in Argentina

The Cumbria Methodist link with the Methodist Church in Argentina and in particular the region of Patagonia began with discussions and meetings back in 1999. The process was given real momentum with a visit by five Cumbria District Methodists in 2005, when Rev Sue Jansen, Mission Partner in Argentina, became a key link.
Since then there have been visits from Argentina to Cumbria and from Cumbria to Argentina, out of which strong links and firm friendships have been formed. These are the basis of the on-going work:
          • to share information
          • to identify common issues in faith and church life
          • to identify concerns for prayer - see the Prayer page here... or on the menu to the right
          • to consider potential for church/circuit links with communities of faith in Patagonia
          • to plan further exchanges Logo of UK Methodist Church
          • to learn from each other how to be effective Christians in our 21st century world.

All of these come within the aim of the Methodist Church of Britain's World Mission statement : "to build up relationships for mutual encouragement".

The link is promoted on behalf of Cumbria Methodist District by a team of nine, five of whom have visited Argentina.