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** Consultation about Circuits **

Cumbria Circuits  

We have a wonderful tradition of Circuits in Cumbria, where we operate as a family, with people knowing each other well, supporting each other and planning for the future. However, changing times call for different models of Circuit and as a District we're excited to be able to look at what model of circuit might be suitable for Cumbria in our changing times, both in our county and nationally. At a recent meeting of Superintendent Ministers and Circuit Stewards we discussed a number of models and suggested that the present 12 circuits should be reduced to three with their borders following the present archdeaconry lines, allowing for the growth of the mission communities within their new structures. The Carlisle Diocese and Cumbria United Reformed Church have also been looking at changes in their structures, with plans for three achdeaconries and three or four ministers respectively. Perhaps God is trying to say something to us!

I am very conscious that local voices need to be  heard, so I have asked each Circuit Meeting and Church Council to spend time discussing this possible change. At the moment we are conferring together, we are not deciding anything, but as a District we have to face up to the huge concern about the lack of ministers for the future and be able to prioritise where they will be strategically placed for the good of the Kingdom. This is why we need to hear from you — your views — your ideas — your thoughts. Please don’t at this stage get bogged down in detail: together let us begin to  develop a model of Circuit where the ministry we require is available, ministers aren’t stretched too thinly, new disciples are made and the kingdom is enabled to grow and flourish.

Watch the video and share it with as many as possible so we can get the discussions started.



For more details and information - and the questions we need everyone to consider - please click here.... 

Richard Teal, Chair of Cumbria Methodist District

Re-imagine Circuits 

Explore new ways of invigorating circuits to bring new life into their mission. Four one-day conferences around the UK in February and March. Flyer here.... ReIMAGINE CIRCUITS

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A Discipling Presence

Are you part of a rural church? Do you want to focus on mission and making disciples?

If so, A Discipling Presence is for you! It contains stories to inspire, exercises and Bible passages to help you reflect and practical suggestions to get you started or move you forward. 

The rural church is a real Christian Presence in the community. Let's work together to make disciples and grow the Church. More info on the flyer here.....   


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