Welcome to the Cumbria Methodist District

Rev Richard Teal, Chair of Cumbria District

Holy Land Pilgrimage 2017

Still one or two spaces! Find out more about this special ecumenical pilgrimage here.... 

God For All leaflet June 2015

Call on your MP to challenge racism and discrimination

In this time of very significant change and uncertainty there is a need for leadership which seeks the common good and encourages people to work together, to respect one another and to uphold the dignity of all. Read how you can help  here....

A Dementia Enabler
in every church in
the County!
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Action for Children Lent 2017


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God for All Prayer

God for all,

you reached out to the world

in your Son Jesus Christ.
Help us to reach out in faith and love 
and witness to all.

God for all,

you send your Holy Spirit

to empower and 

gift your Church.
By your Spirit help us,
grow in unity,
grow as followers 

of Jesus Christ,
and grow your kingdom

in Cumbria and in this world.


God for All eBulletin

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What are the implications of CPEA for YOU? What's happening with the God for All initiative. More here....

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