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Latest News : 

Tattie Pot training event for children/youth workers/volunteers due to be held on Saturday 6 June has had to be cancelled for the foreseeable future. However, do look out for other training events that will be promoted across the District.

Cumbria is a large geographical county with many young people scattered around towns and villages. The Methodist Church in Cumbria is engaging with many young people and doing some marvellous work displaying God’s love. We have approximately 110,000 children and young people in Cumbria and the Methodist Church is operating in a number of areas around the County with success.

With limited resources we are definitely ‘punching above our weight’ to convey to young people the good news of Jesus Christ! There’s lots of good youth ministry going on around the county – here are a few examples from around the county: 

            North....               South....               West....               Central....

As a district we support the work of Hope 2014. Hope organises and encourages churches to engage with mission to young people and with young people. If you or your youth club/ministry would like to know more please click on this link

Please pray for the many volunteers who are engaging with young people each week.

Please pray for the young people who face many challenging situations and for their faith to be strengthened.

If you’d like to know more about youth work in our District please contact our District Youth Officer, Jonny Gios at Jonny@sandylandschurch.com or 07530 104182.